2017 Ford Crown Victoria

As we know, the Crown Victoria model from Ford Company is known as the cops sedan. This model was introduced for the first time back in 1991 and since then became very popular vehicle worldwide. This model was used by the cops, but it was also used by the regular citizen. However, the construction of this model was ceased several years later and the reason was because it did not create an important requirement for its private designs. Today, we have excellent new considering the fact that this model will hit the dealerships by the end of this year as 2017 Ford Crown Victoria. Everyone will be able to buy it, and that is very good news for all Ford enthusiast. In the next review, find out something more about this model.

2017 Ford Crown Victoria front

2017 Ford Crown Victoria – Strikingly Beautiful Style:

The exterior design of the recently developed 2017 Ford Crown Victoria is very attractive and very aggressive. This model always had an aggressive exterior design, but this time we can expect some slight changes of course. Of course, this model will hit the market with two variants; the first one is the private version for all customers while the second one is a version for cops patrols.

The exterior design of this model is very elegant and this model is intended for businessmen. The front side of the vehicle will contain elegantly designed front grille with the Ford logo in the middle. The version for cops will have only black exterior colors while the version for everyone else will have more colors in the offer. The headlights in both models will use the newest LED technology. The whole chassis will be made from lightweight materials and that will make this vehicle faster which will be very important for the Police. At the sides, this model will ride on 17-icnh aluminum wheels.


When it comes to the interior, we can expect very comfortable cabin fitted with so many high-tech features and high-quality materials. The most important segment in the cabin is safety system and that is probably because cops use this vehicle. We can expect so many safety features but besides safety features, we can expect a lot of others. Some of them include HD touchscreen 8.0 inches, respectable dashboard, 4 speakers, route, GPS, GSM, computerized sound framework, satellite radio, Bluetooth, USB, Smartphone integration, and many others as well. All seats will be covered with Cowhide upholstery which will make it very comfortable.

2017 Ford Crown Victoria interior

2017 Ford Crown Victoria – EcoBoost Engine:

The newly 2017 Ford Crown Victoria will hit the market probably with few different engines. The most anticipated system will be a V-6 or V-8 engine with the displacement of 3.5 liters. This will be an EcoBoost engine and it will be mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission system. The power from this engine will be routed to four wheels. Unfortunately, information about the max power output and max torque is not available. We can expect fuel economy rate of 29/34 in the city/highway.

2017 Ford Crown Victoria rear

2017 Ford Crown Victoria – Date of Arrival and Price:

The release date of the 2017 Ford Crown Victoria will be by the end of the 2016 year and we can expect it first in the USA and Canada, and later in other countries. The 2017 Ford Crown Victoria will have a starting price of around $35.000.

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