2017 Ford Escort Review

The Ford Escort has always been a silent seller in the market though it borrows heavily from the Focus. There is news of a 2017 Ford Escort coming soon though it may only be exclusive to the China market. The Ford announces some notable changes expect on the Escort and here is what they are talking about.

2017 Ford Escort front

2017 Ford Escort – Exterior and Interior:

Much of the exterior look will remain intact according to Ford. The new 2017 Ford Escort will have the same design template seen on the 2014 Focus, and to that, a few more tweaks added before releasing it to the China market. The trapezoidal grille remains intact so are the signature LED headlights Ford loves to use.

The Ford already redesigned the exterior years back giving the front a sharper executive look. For 2017, they aim was to make improvements on the main areas not well received by consumers of the Escort.

A lot of the consumer complaints were about the tiny interior of the Escort which Ford has cared enough to address. The cabin will be larger yielding more leg & body room for driver and passengers. Some extra inches will be added to the trunk as well, making it wider and more accommodating. Nothing has changed on the infotainment system so you will be getting the same easy-to-navigate controls. The same dashboard perks from the 2016 models are intact like Torque and Traction control, pressure monitoring, adaptive cruise control and so on. A custom infotainment system will be available too at a few extra dollars.

2017 Ford Escort interior

2017 Ford Escort – Engine Performance:

The 2017 Ford Escort has always been a shadow of its successor the Focus. So consumers can expect to see an almost similar engine set-up in both Ford models with an exception of the Focus RS that is on the high-end. Under the hood will be a 3-Cylinder engine paired up with a 5-speed or 6-speed automatic transmission.

The new model will come in a petrol powered engine; with rumors of a diesel engine in the works. The petrol engine is will be a 1.5-liter EcoBoost engine with horsepower revs of 115 hp and 180 hp. Torque clearance is also estimated to be around 130 lb/ft and 180 lb/ft. Fuel economy has always been excellent on the Escort and consumers should expect an average rating of 26/36 mpg on the petrol powered engine. Since not a lot has changed on the engine and body, the projected range for this car would be around 76 mph.

2017 Ford Escort rear

2017 Ford Escort – Dispatch Date and Price Expected:

If Ford sticks to their trend, the new 2017 Ford Escort will be with us by end of 2016 or early 2017. China will be the sole consumer of this model while the rest of the world marvels on the Focus 2017 and the more advanced Focus RS. The Ford will be releasing a series of other models within the same time-frame as well, so a stiff competition will be expected between the Escort and its in-house rivals.

However, for those still loyal to the 2017 Ford Escort, prices will be ranging between $17,000 and $20,000. It won’t be much of a price difference from the 2016 model and this is understandable. There were no major costly tweaks for this new model but only polish ups of the gray areas from last year’s model.

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