2017 Ford Expedition MSRP, Release Date

The 2017 Ford Expedition is the latest model of the full-size SUVs by the Ford Company. According to the increasing demand for powerful, luxurious and modernized cars, Ford has worked really hard to meet these market demands. All these aspects are portrayed in the 2new version. Sources have it that the new model will have added features such as power sunroof, polished aluminum wheels (22”), enhance high-tech communication and entertainment system as well as the smart blind spot info system. All these cool features in 2017 Ford Expedition are aimed at giving customers the best they can get from the Ford Motor Company.

2017 Ford Expedition front

2017 Ford Expedition – Body and Innovations in the Dashboard:

The visual effects of Ford SUV are highly enhanced, giving a sleek and stylish look to this modernized car. The 2017 Ford Expedition has retained the original look of SUVs but there are some notable adjustments made to its exterior. First of all, its body has received a modification and design that have replaced the previous one with ultra strength boron steel that is lightweight. These material combined by aluminum has greatly reduced the weight of the vehicle. Secondly, the front bumper and the grille have received a unique modification.  So, these changes have made the front part look more aggressive and elegant. The headlights also have been reworked making them look stylish. Last but not least, this model has been incorporated with automatic door opening system. If all these cool exterior features are yet to impress you, let gets to the interior features.

Interior Design:

Luxurious car interiors are the dream of every car buyer and due to this, Ford has made the interior of 2017 Ford Expedition car very spacious and luxurious. This will definitely make the car fun to drive. The seats are organized in three rows making it possible for it to carry 8 passengers! On top of that, passengers will enjoy the new high-quality and elegant fabric interior covers. The weight reduction evident in the interior design of 2017 Ford Expedition because aluminum and woods dominate the interior.

We all love entertainment, the new 2017 model comes with a MyFord Touch entertainment and infotainment system. The system covers the entire modern tech such as Bluetooth capabilities, calls, LCD touch display, and modern air conditioning system among others. I can only describe the interior using one word; “Luxurious” Let’s now look at the Engine and performance.

2017 Ford Expedition interior

2017 Ford Expedition – Engine and Transmission:

As we have seen above, Ford has worked towards reducing the overall weight of the Ford Expedition so it is expected that the car will have high performance. The car will be powered by an advanced and a new 3.5 liter V6 Eco Boost engine. This engine will develop 365 hp with a six-speed intelligent manual-automatic transmission.

2017 Ford Expedition side

2017 Ford Expedition – Expected Release Date and MSRP:

The new model is expected to be the most waited car in the present times. It is therefore anticipated that it will be released in the second half of 2016. The price will range between $46,000 for the lower end model and $65,000 for the high-end model.

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