2017 Ford Ka Plus Review

The Ford has presented the third generation of their smallest model – Ka, with the addition of the word „plus“ in its name. Following its predecessor, which was developed in collaboration with Fiat, Ford, again relied on the creativity and knowledge of their own designers and engineers. Unlike its predecessor, which was only available in 3-door version, this one got another pair to be more practical. Similar, low-budget version of Ford Ka, which was primarily developed for South American and Indian market, will serve as a backbone for the new European 2017 Ford Ka Plus.

„Don’t think of it as just another cheap car“, says Jim Farley, the American automobile executive that currently serves as CEO and Chairman of Ford Europe. „It’s an exceptionally spacious vehicle with capabilities similar to Fiesta“, concludes Farley.

2017 Ford Ka Plus front

2017 Ford Ka Plus – Unique Feature:

To satisfy strict safety standards, European Ka is significantly modified by comparison with the original model. Bodywork is strengthened with the new system bumpers and springs built-in for the car to be more dynamic and stable. In relation to its predecessor, the 2017 Ford Ka Plus is 12.16 inches longer.

Trunk capacity is increased to 71.3 gallons of cargo space. Its functionality can be augmented by turning over the back seats, which can be divided by a 60:40 ratio. The Ford company emphasizes that there are more than 20 drawers in the cabin of the Ka Plus model. The equipment also includes electric front windows lifter and electric-actuated rearview mirrors. It also includes a central lock with remote locking features, hill-start assist system, and speed limiter. High level of safety is guaranteed with six airbags, together with ABS and ESP systems. Elements that stand out in the second equipment package, which will be available later, are the leather steering wheel, cruise gear, front-seat warmer, automatic air conditioner, electric rear windows lifter, 15-inch rims, mirror warmers and rear parking sensors.

2017 Ford Ka Plus interior

2017 Ford Ka Plus – Powertrain:

Powering the 2017 Ford Ka plus is a 1.2 liter, Duratec petrol engine. For power channeling, in both versions, we have a 5-speed manual gearbox. It is still unknown whether the automatic transmission will be available. The acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 15.3 seconds and the maximum speed of 98 mph. This engine emits 183 g/m CO2. A stronger engine with 85 horsepower, is capable of faster acceleration to 60 mph in just 13.3 seconds, with the maximum speed of 105 mph. Average fuel expenditure and CO2 emission are same as the inferior engine. A special Eco version of 2017 Ford Ka Plus is available with a modified gearbox, which emits 177 g/m CO2.

2017 Ford Ka Plus rear

2017 Ford Ka Plus – MSRP and Release Date

The new Ford Ka Plus is an affordable city car. The aim of Ford with this model is to offer the comfort of a small car without compromising technology, style, and refinement. If you’re looking for a combination of price and convenience then this one might fit you. The model will sell in Europe, starting this summer, at $11,400.

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