2017 Ford Ranger USA, Diesel

According to reports issued by Detroit News, Ford is expected to make a comeback in the US market with the introduction of the 2017 Ford Ranger. In order to meet the demands of the potential buyers, Ford is planning to make great improvements to this anticipated car model in relation to its engine, exterior formation, and interior design to boost its performance. Some of the modifications that may appear on the exterior are deemed to give it a classic angular look that portrays great power and capability. Besides, the stylish and sleek nature of the truck segment will absolutely induce a sense of admiration.

2017 Ford Ranger front

2017 Ford Ranger – Design and Features:

From the expected redesigning of the 2017 Ford Ranger, the overall exterior outlook will be quite unique. The developers are planning to make changes on the fog lights and headlamps by redesigning them. The aluminum and high resistant steel material are also expected to be incorporated into the exterior panels thus making the truck solid and stable besides reducing its weight.

Some of the expected exterior changes that will be evident from this great model include more space for the luggage, great wheelbase for firm grip and stability and redesigned bumpers and grille. These exterior features make the truck possess a sturdy and modern outlook that will make it quite impressive.

Interior Design:

The potential buyers should expect upgraded features within the interior parts of the 2017 Ford Ranger. When it comes to the high-quality material integrated into the truck, one can either choose to have premium or base upholstery which brings great comfort. This includes perfect integration with an SYNC3 multimedia system that can support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

In order to boost safety system, this amazing model will contain parking sensors, rearview camera, and redesigned airbags. Meanwhile, for the control system, the notable features will include lane departure warning, automatic lane keeping, cruise control and automatic high beam. These are meant to ensure that the potential buyer enjoys a safe trip.

2017 Ford Ranger interior

2017 Ford Ranger – Engine and Fuel Economy:

This amazing Ford Ranger model will absolutely require a powerful engine to enable it to drive across different terrains. There are two alternatives that have been provided for this truck. The first option is the 2.2 four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with 158 hp and 284 lb-ft. However, it is anticipated that the developers can opt for a lower engine so as to achieve desired fuel economy.

The second alternative is the 3.2-liter V4 diesel turbocharged engine. Its horsepower is anticipated to stretch up to 197 hp where its torque will move up to 247 Nm. Both engines come with the 6-speed transmission that is expected to apply both for the automatic and manual transmission. The 2017 Ford Ranger will undertake these upgrades on the engine in order to meet the expected Euro 5 emissions.

2017 Ford Ranger side view

2017 Ford Ranger – Availability Date and Cost:

In relation to the price that is expected on the 2017 Ford Ranger, there is no official confirmation yet. However, depending on the model that one will choose, the price is expected to range from $23,000 to $36,000. The release date in the USA still remains unknown but it is anticipated to in the late 2017. Till then, potential buyers will have to wait in order to enjoy that incredible driving experience.

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