2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label Review

For the past ten years, Lincoln has been among the top auto companies to manufacture a more traditional luxury cars. The Lincoln auto company is manufacturing vehicles in the spirit of luxury with modern performance and presentation. One that Lincoln is contented to persist with vehicles like the new 2017 Lincoln Continental black label. Among the best features of this car is something new that they have introduced called Black Label. This has nothing to do with a certain brand of Scotch whiskey but rather it’s a top tier vehicle trim that has numerous additional benefits.

2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label front

2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label – Features and Design:

The 2017 Lincoln Continental offers enough space and cargo room that should suit most buyer’s needs. It’s a 4 sitter car, each door is featured door locker and windows controls. Between the two back seats, there is a radio control, heat control, and sunroof control. Also, there are enough holders and pockets for every passenger. The cooled and heated front seats are built with a quiet message with more different adjustments than you have never seen. Furthermore, the seats are firm and supportive; it uses high-quality materials and soft touch plastics. Its cargo area is accessible using foot activation and has under floor storage.

The 2017 Lincoln Continental black label also makes good use of technology. It is featured with a push-button start which has replaced the traditional gear shift knob instead with buttons. However, the car has a brilliant backup camera that provides several different angles for you to scroll through. The acoustic glass all around the car makes the car look divine and quiet.

The interior and exterior are designed of high quality which makes this car look rich and modern. It has front and rear sensors, adaptive cruise control, and also break assist so to keep you safe on the road. The 2017 Lincoln Continental is also equipped with all the standard safety features that you would expect from a vehicle in a premium segment.

2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label interior

2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label – Engine and Performance:

The latest EcoBoost engine can be found in their crossovers and pick-ups and it makes its debut here in the 2017 Lincoln Continental. It is a twin turbo 2.7 liters v6 turbo, about 335 hp and it’s also among of the most impressive small replacement engines with high levels of refinement and high power boozing out of each cylinder. Also, the acceleration from 0 to 60 mph will be in 6 sec. While the top speed is rated at 155 mph.

2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label rear

2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label – Release Date, Price, and Conclusion:

Finally, the official release date of 2017 Lincoln Continental black label is planned to be made official between October and November 2017. US customer purchase should visit any local Lincoln near you. The price is expected to range between $45,000 and 70,000.

If by any chance you find that the German entries are a bit complicated, the new 2017 Lincoln Continental black label is the best option for you. It provides a cool and inviting environment that any luxury car driver would appreciate. This vehicle’s cabin is pretty well sorted. It is comfortable quiet and eloquently styled to suit all your needs.

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