2018 Lincoln MKC Redesign

The 2018 Lincoln MKC takes pride in being one of the most versatile of its kind. It has been popular for being amongst the most affordable automobile present in the market today. The manufacturer of the Lincoln has taken pride for creating a very flexible vehicle, which is very appealing for most of the buyers. This version is expected to have major improvements while retaining the features that are already considered the best for the people. The people have been told that the maker has been very keen and strict with the guidelines and the process of creating the 2018 version of the MKC. With this, clients are ensured that they are getting the value for their money. In return, the manufacturer takes pride in making this version, worthy enough to compete against the top of the line units of various luxury car producers.

2018 Lincoln MKC front

2018 Lincoln MKC – Significant Changes:

The distinct sleek design of the 2018 Lincoln MKC provides a more aerodynamic look. It also highlights the top of the line LED lighting, which makes the vehicle more economic. Although the design has been reinvented, the MKC will still remain to be a famous choice as well as an affordable option for potential clients. The safety features are the top priority of the Company. This includes the lane avoidance technology, crash avoidance system, and the 360-degree airbags.

Furthermore, this mid-sized vehicle also promotes innovative features such as the 3D navigation system, Siri support, hands-free calling, touch screen monitors, Bluetooth connection, sensors located at the rear and front and the Sync3 technology, which provide clients a more convenient travel experience.

2018 Lincoln MKC interior

2018 Lincoln MKC – Engine Performance:

The new model will have a 2.0 liter with 240 HP, and the 2.3-liter engine with 285 HP. This engine will be paired with a 6-speed clutch transmission, which can be automatic or manual. The fuel economy is 22 MPG for city driving and 31 MPG for the highways.

2018 Lincoln MKC rear

2018 Lincoln MKC – Release Date and Price:

The upcoming Lincoln MKC will be released in the first quarter (earliest reported date) of 2017. The areas within Australia, Canada, and Europe will receive their shipments of the Lincoln on the latter part of 2017. Some of the competitors will be Acura and Cadillac as well as other luxury cars.

The price of the Lincoln MKC has been a very economic choice. They are as follows: Base price, which starts from $34,100 and the EcoBoost price at $47,300. The 2018 Lincoln MKC can create a greater edge among other present and future luxury cars in the market.

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