2019 Ford GT Price, Photos, Specs

The 2019 Ford GT the perfect definition of true innovation. From its 3.5 liter EcoBoost technology to the ultra-efficient aerodynamics, this is the culmination of everything great that comes from the unbeatable experienced automakers. The same passion for innovation has also been expressed in the entire vehicle line up by Ford produced over the years. This new Ford GT is like nothing ever seen before. Not only will it be aerodynamically optimized in shape, it will also have multifunctional buttresses and run on an extraordinarily powerful V6 engine, all of which are engineered to deliver pure performance.

2019 Ford GT front

2019 Ford GT – Exterior and Interior

The overall outlook of the new 2019 Ford GT is fantastic. Compared with the previous release, this supercar retains lots of identifiable features. At the same time, the design is considerably a better modern version only with a much more hostile physical appearance. The clear outlines are ideally substituted by well-defined sides.

The front fascia comprises a unique air intake system that hides the active grille shutters which manage air pressure in the front wheels. For the rear, there is not really much to expect, except that it is hydraulically actuated which causes the rear spoiler to shoot up. This acts as an air brake when the vehicle is under heavy braking. Unlike previous Ford GTs, your way in is to pull up the scissor door, duck and slip right into the cabin which is a very welcoming place. All the seats are perfectly fixed into the carbon-fiber tub which leaves some precious legroom and the seat backs are set to recline a bit to up the comfort. The cabin is fitted with high-quality materials, relatively fewer buttons and a business-first, driver-focused layout.

2019 Ford GT interior

2019 Ford GT –¬†Powertrain

A twist of dial into the track mode allows the 2019 Ford GT hunker down and with the stab of the car’s throttle, you are set to go. This Ford GT will run on a new strain of the twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine which is one of its kind, giving off up to 600 horsepower and beats even some of the popular V8 alternatives. It has a new direct-injection set up that will ensure considerably lower friction while enhancing throttle response. There is absolutely no turbo lag as the engine strongly pulls through its rev range. It has a seven-speed dual clutch that responds instantly when you pull the paddles.

The valve train is perfectly curated not just to improve efficiency but also comes with mush broader power and torque bands. Gear changes are also seamless and the 2019 Ford GT balances incredibly well too. The thrust level from the passenger’s seat feels heavenly. The supercar feels planted and firm at all times as the traction control entity is unobtrusive which allows it to take a beating from curbing with the track without actually upsetting the car.

2019 Ford GT rear

MSRP and Release Date

The 2019 Ford GT will be a compensation for those who missed out the 2017 model. The price tag on this new GT would be somewhere between $400.000 and 450.000. The first batch of the mid-engine supercar will roll out in 2018 and launched in Ontario as a 2019 model.

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