2019 Ford Super Duty Specs, Release Date

Starting with the newest 2019 Ford Super Duty, the American company plans to unveil the next generation of its popular pick – up trucks. The Super Duty series is well known for its massive size, as well as sturdiness, ruggedness and towing capabilities. Just like the latest iteration of the F-150, the upcoming Ford Super Duty will keep all the features that made it popular in the first place. Alongside these, it will also incorporate some new design cues as well as various performance enhancements.

2019 Ford Super front

2019 Ford Super Duty – Appearance

The first thing one can say about the 2019 Ford Super Duty is that it is a big truck, a very big one. Most people usually think that larger size leads to more weight. Although that is true in most cases, the upcoming Super Duty aims to be an exception. Thanks to an all-new frame made from aluminum, this truck will shed significant weight and will get a significant boost in performance and fuel efficiency. To ensure strength and durability, the Ford has chosen to use magnesium in certain vital areas of the truck.

When it comes to the front end of the Ford Super Duty, it will feature a brand new chrome grille and a revamped set of stacked, LED headlights. In the rear, there will be a remotely operated tailgate and a set of 360 – degree cameras for safety measures. In general, the newest truck from Ford will sport a much more muscular appearance, while keeping traditional design choices and styles.

On the Inside

Just like on the outside, the upcoming 2019 Ford Super Duty will be enormous on the inside. It will easily accommodate up to 5 people, who will have more than enough headroom and legroom. The storage options are also massive and can be even bigger, thanks to a flat floor in the back. The materials used for the interior will provide maximum durability and sturdiness, which is in line with Ford’s tradition. In order to provide the driver with the necessary driving assistance, the new truck will feature a number of systems, such as the lane-departure warning system. Like all other models from Ford, this one will also offer plenty in terms of infotainment. The new Super Duty will be equipped with the latest SYNC suite and an 8-inch MyFord HD touchscreen. Additional options include tire pressure checks, camera feeds, and climate controls.

2019 Ford Super Duty engine

2019 Ford Super Duty – Engine Specs and Performance

The newest 2019 Ford Super Duty will feature 2 different engine variants. One will be a 6.2-liter gasoline V-6, the other, a 6.7-liter Powerstroke V-8 turbo diesel. The gasoline variant will produce 385 hp and a max torque of 430 lb-ft. The turbodiesel one will produce 440 hp and a torque of 860 lb-ft. Both engines will be coupled with Ford’s TorqShift-G, 6-speed automatic transmission. With the gasoline engine, the new Super Duty will go from 0 to 62 mph in around 8.6 seconds.

2019 Ford Super Duty

2019 Ford Super Duty – Debut Date and Price

The upcoming truck is expected to hit the markets in mid to late 2018. Depending on the variant, the price will range from 33.000$, all the way to 54.000$.

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