Ford Fiesta 2019 Photos and Info

The Ford Fiesta 2019 is the perfect combination of both style and excellent performance expected from a modern day car. The Ford has been setting trends in the automotive industry over the past few years and judging by the kind of car models produced so far, it is quite easy to see why. The company has managed to produce high performing vehicles and the Ford Fiesta 2019 is no exception.

Ford Fiesta 2019 front

Ford Fiesta 2019 – Exterior and Interior

The new model comes with a larger wheelbase that stretches up to 0.2 inches with a wider rear track of 0.4 inches compared to its predecessor. The Ford Fiesta exterior design is perhaps the most striking feature of the car. The Fiesta now gets a wider and lower stance design than before. The rear part of the car will get a few upgrades as well, the new 2019 Ford Fiesta will come with stylish athletic lines that give the car a more aggressive look. The improved body design goes a long way in improving its performance as far as aerodynamics are concerned. When it comes to the interior features of the car, the Ford Fiesta 2019 has a lot of impressive upgrades specifically designed to offer a more pleasant driving experience.

The first thing that grabs your attention is the 8.0-inch touchscreen at the center of the dashboard. It utilizes Ford’s Sync 3 Software and comes with volume and tuning knobs as well as audio buttons located just below the screen. The back seat has been greatly improved, there is more spacious than before. Furthermore, the rear hatch has been expanded to offer a wider opening as well. The seats now offer relaxed sitting positions to all the occupants and guarantees maximum comfort.

Ford Fiesta 2019 interior

Ford Fiesta 2019 – Engine Performance

According to reports, the new Ford Fiesta will come with a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. It will be capable of producing up to 200 HP and comes with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission system. Tyrone Johnson, the specialist behind Ford’s successful RS models, says that the main aim is to build a car that does not only look good but enjoyable to drive as well. The turbocharged engine will definitely live up to its promise. Ford has implemented all necessary safety precautions to reduce any mechanical glitches likely to be encountered. It is correct to say that the Ford Fiesta 2019 guarantees a better driving experience than its predecessors.

MSRP and Release Date

The Ford Fiesta value is estimated at $15,000 and is expected to hit the market in early 2019. However, the price has not yet been officially confirmed. This means that it might be higher, or in that case, lower than the estimated value when the car arrives in the market.


The Ford Fiesta 2019 is set to come with better upgrades with the hope of outshining the current Fiesta model. The new features are quite impressive, something that Ford lovers will probably enjoy about the new upcoming model.

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